Ahmet Arif AYDIN,



Ahmet Arif Aydin earned his BS Degree in Electronic and Computer Education from Firat University in Turkey. In 2005, he obtained an official teacher certificate to work for the Ministry of National Education, where he spent three years working as a computer teacher.

In 2008, Ahmet Arif was awarded a scholarship for graduate studies (MS and Ph.D.) by Ministry of National Education. In 2008, He came to study English at University of Arizona. In 2010, He got accepted by the University of Colorado Denver to pursue Masters’ Degree at Computer Science and Engineering Department and he earned MS Degree at May 2012.

After earning his masters Degree, Ahmet Arif was then accepted by the University of Colorado Boulder to pursue Ph.D in computer science. His advisor is Kenneth M. Anderson and He is currently working in Project EPIC with a specialization in "Architectural Design for Data Analytics Platforms".