Ahmet Arif AYDIN, PhD

Department of Computer Engineering, Inonu University


Recent Projects

Project Title Project Sponsor Project Team Started-Status
Mri Görüntülerinde Lomber Spinal Stenoz Tahmini İçin Açıklanabilir Hibrit Yapay Zeka İş Akışı TUBITAK 2516 - Güney Kore İkili İşbirliği Muhammed TALO(Coordinator), Özal YILDIRIM, Ertan BÜTÜN, Murat AYDOĞAN, Ahmet Arif AYDIN 2023-Continues
Elektrikli Araçlarda Menzil Artışına Yönelik Yapay Zeka Tabanlı Sürdürülebilir Ulaşım Modellinin Geliştirilmesi Optimizasyonu ve Analizi Inonu University BAB T. KARADAĞ(Coordinator)

Past Projects

PROJECT EPIC (2009-2016) : Project EPIC was launched on 2009 at University of Colorado at Boulder and EPIC stands for "Empowering the Public with Information in Crisis". Project EPIC is a multi-disciplinary research effort that creates a venue for researchers from various fields such as Software Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and Human-Centered Computing to conduct their research. Project EPIC researchers study "How members of the public make use of social media during times of crisis". IDCAP, ISM, and EPIC Analyze projects are conducted in the context of Project EPIC.

Supervisor: Ken Anderson Year : 2015-2020
Android Application Project Android Application Project was the final project of CSCI 5448 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design class at University of Colorado Boulder and its purpose was to create an android application (Collaborator) that allows collaborative groups to monitor and share progress. Groups may be formed for reasons such as completing a project, summarizing readings or answering textbook questions.
Developer(s): Ahmet Arif Aydin, Greg Guyles Supervisor: Ken Anderson Year : 2012
Masters' Degree Project: The main objective of the project was to implement sequential, parallel and hybrid Radix Sort algorithms and compare their performance. In the project, C++ programming language was used and parallel version's of algorithms were implemented by OpenMP API. University of Colorado Denver
Developer: Ahmet Arif Aydin Supervisor: Gita Alaghband Year : 2012